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Admittedly, Cubans are obsessed with Fidel Castro.

The Cuban dictator is not only the aim of the most intense feelings of hate / love from Cubans but he also is the huge question that fills the black hole of the last 51 years in Cuban history.
Although, Cubans are not the only ones who are obsessed with the figure of the old revived tyrant.

In recent months, Castro’s public reappearances have occupied the main media headlines.
The latest adventure of the Commander in Chief took place at the Havana’s aquarium.

An invitation –with government funded trip and accomodations from one of the poorest countries in the world-, to foreign journalists and dignitaries to attend a dolphins’ show, could be seen as a delusion from a senile dictator.

The guest was the American journalist Jeffrey Goldberg, a reporter for The Atlantic magazine, who wrote an irrelevant article about Iran’s nuclear program. [1]

By the way, the old Cuban dictator is now dedicated to save the world from a nuclear war against Iran. For everyone's surprise, he has criticized his dearest friend Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for denying the Holocaust during the WWII. [2]

Life takes many twists and Castro –with Jewish ancestry-, after being a great friend of Golda Mayer and the Zionists, betrayed these to help Palestinian terrorists, and now happens to defend again the Jews against Muslims.

Moreover, among all the major scholars, journalists and celebrities who have written on the subject, Castro chose to invite the last one of the list, Goldberg, who, coincidentally, is also Jewish, to "discuss" his little article. [3]

Goldberg -in his report on his visit to Cuba- innocently says that, upon receiving the invitation, he "asked" his friend Julia Sweig to join him on this adventure.

Stop there!

Who is Julia Sweig?

Julia E. Sweig is the director of Latin American Studies at the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). [4]

Sweig, who is Jewish as Goldberg, is the CFR "specialist" in Cuban affairs , in replacement of Herbert Matthews, [5] the famous New York Times repoter who created the romantic international image of Fidel Castro in his beginings as a guerrilla leader. [6]

Julia E. Sweig has been a Fidel Castro’s beloved friend for 20 years. She has written dozens of books, essays and articles on the Cuban issue, with which she has won multiple awards and escalated to the highest academic levels.

Of course, Fidel Castro would not have Sweig among his inner circle friends if she wasn’t one of his most ardent admirers and defenders. Her writings have distinguished as a consistent advocacy of Cuban dictator and his regime.

However, many people do not know or know very little about the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and what actually it has meant to Cuba, especially in the last 61 years.

The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) is the most important and powerful think tank of the United States. [7]
The expression “think tank” defines a research institution or other type organization that offer tips and ideas on matters of politics, trade and military interests to governments’ agencies. There are 5,465 worldwide, 1.777 only in the U.S. Among these, only 200 are really influential in the American government and society.

Among all American and worldwide think tanks, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) is the most important and influential. [8]

The prestige of the CFR is not only due to its "advices" and "researches" directly influencing the U.S. government policies.

The CFR is the organization of the 6000 most prominent people in North America. CFR members dominate all the economic, financial, political, media, academic and religious institutions that sustain the whole structure of American society. [9]

Great deal of U.S. presidents and vice presidents, presidential teams, government officials, senators and congressmen, deans, directors and presidents of major universities, research institutes and other think tanks, owners and managers of the largest media, banks and private corporations (not excluding, of course, the Federal Reserve, etc.)., have been and are members of the CFR.

At the head of the elite integrated at the CFR, it is its president for life, David Rockefeller with his ninety-odd years old. [10] He, coincidentally, is the son and grandson of John and Nelson Rockefeller, founders of the CFR back in 1921. No wonder that the CFR headquarters is an old New York house, Rockefeller property, which originally belonged to Harold Pratt, the name by which this building is actually known. [11]
Now, what relationship exists between CFR and Fidel Castro Ruz (FCR)?

Why the CFR "specialist" for Latin America, Julia E. Sweig, has traveled continuously to Cuba in the past 20 years, serving as one of the most conspicuous propagandists of the Cuban regime?
Why David Rockefeller in person has greeted the Cuban dictator with great pomp and honors at the very Harold Pratt house? [12] Why he has visited Cuba accompanied by the most important political, financial and corporate personalities from the U.S.? [13] Why he personaly leads the organization that lobbies at the U.S. Congress in behalf of end of the Cuban embargo? [14]
The Cuban tragedy definitely transcends the stubbornness and wickedness of a tyrannical personality.

Think hard.

It is impossible that a dictator, however brilliant and charismatic, could persist in the government of one the world's poorest countries for 51 years, surviving eleven American presidents at just 90 miles off the coasts of the U.S. and the fall of the powerful Soviet Union and the Communist bloc, his single economic and military support.

Fidel Castro has mobilized all the world’s leftist forces against the United States. He has promoted espionage, terrorism, and trafficked with drug, arms and all forbidden materials and technology by international conventions worldwide.
Castro has always supported the most aggressive regimes toward America and has even led international wars against the U.S. interests and security.

Moreover, Castro had instigated the Soviets during the missile crisis in 1962, in the turning point for global security, to launch a nuclear attack against the U.S., something he now says he is repented, among other things.

Despite all his anti-US extensive record, how come Washington never has touched Fidel Castro even with the petals of a flower -with the exception of an ineffective embargo- and yet has continued its compliance of the secret treaty with the Soviets over not to attacking Cuba, twenty years after the demise of the Soviet Union?

Why the CFR, the main think tank in American politics, keeps so affectionate relations with the Cuban tyrant?

Nothing is accidental in this life.

In fact, it is well documented that the relations between Fidel Castro and the CFR go back to 1949, 61 years ago, when he began his career as international provocateur. It was back then when Castro, as we’ll see in detail, made his first contacts with the CFR by means of a highly ambiguous personage named William Arthur Wieland.

(To be continued)

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