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A confession made by David Rockefeller in his memoirs circulates endlessly through the Internet:

For more than a century ideological extremists at either end of the political
spectrum have seized upon well-publicized incidents such as my encounter with
Castro to attack the Rockefeller family for the inordinate influence they claim
we wield over American political and economic institutions. [1].

This refers to some allegations about the encounter occurred in the Harold Pratt House in New York, the headquarters of the Council on Foreign Relations, during the of 50 anniversary celebration of the UN in 1995. This time, instead of the principal characters of world democracy, representatives from terrorist movements and the most anti-American totalitarian governments were invited; among others, Yasser Arafat, Jiang Zemin and Fidel Castro.

Castro, in particular, was invited by Rockefeller to his family home in Westchester County. Here, he was introduced to the social elite of Manhattan, representatives of the jet-set, the intelligentsia and the U.S. financial and political power. [2]

However, this was neither the first nor the last time that Rockefeller honored the Cuban dictator.
Fidel Castro has been the Latin American leader who more often has been presented at the Council on Foreign Relation (CFR) under the direction of David Rockefeller. [3]

As we shall see, Fidel Castro had been received by David Rockefeller at the CFR at least two previous occasions: in 1955, while preparing his expedition against the de facto regime of General Batista, and in 1959, shortly after the revolutionary triumph. (On both occasions, the master of ceremonies was a CFR agent named William Wieland, about whom we will talk in due course.)

With the collapse of the Soviet Union and the communist bloc in 1991, the Castro government ran out of suppliers or any trading partner. In these precise moments, Peggy Dulany, the daughter of David Rockefeller, invited several U.S. business-school professors and organizational experts to travel with her to Havana, where they held discussions with their academic counterparts and with Cuban officials in charge of heavy and light industry. [4]

For her part, since the sixties, Abby, the rebellious marxistoide sister of Peggy Dulany, has been an ardent admirer of Castro . [5]

Moreover, the father of Abby and Peggy Delany, David Rockefeller, is the current chairman of Americans for Humanitarian Trade with Cuba ( AHTC), which was founded in 1998 and is the main lobbyist group at the U.S. Congress for the lifting of the embargo against Cuba. [6]

Also, David Rockefeller has promoted the Cuban Studies' Program of the Center for Latin American Studies of the David Rockefeller Center of Harvard University. [7]

Through the curriculum of the Rockefeller Center, hundreds of professionals and scientists from the Cuban government institutions have benefited from scholarships and free courses at the elitist Harvard University. As a result, Castro's scientific institutions are in the best position to develop either the AIDS vaccine or weapons of mass destruction for terrorists and radical movements.

Morover, in February 2001, David Rockefeller visited Cuba with a delegation of 19 CFR important American personalities financial, political, media and academic. [8]

As in his travels to the former USSR, which prepared the fall of the communist bloc, and to China, which opened the door of international finances to Beijing, Rockefeller's visit to the island was decisive for the future the Castro regime.

Following David's visit to Havana, through his work from the AHTC and with the help the committee of his partner Kissinger, U.S. has become again the main supplier and trading partner of Cuba.

Thanks to Rockefeller, the trade between U.S. and Cuba has surpassed one billion dollars, despite the dispute with the island, the so called trade embargo and pressure from Cuban-American congressmen and senators. This has definitely prevented the collapse of the Castro regime. [9]

The Fidel Castro's attraction over the Rockefeller may be seen as a millionaire eccentricity, but, in light of the facts disclosed, it is absolutely incomprehensible.

Nobody knows why, in the early 50's, the big U.S. oil companies installed four refineries in Cuba to process crude from Venezuela, instead of installing them in that country. They had a capacity of 300 thousand barrels per day, tenfold the future needs of the island in moments of full develop. [10]

The two most important refineries of Cuba was owned by Standard Oil of Cuba, one of the largest investments of the Rockefeller in Latin America during the 50s, if we don't take in consideration their vast possessions of the United Fruit Co. in the northern region of Cuba's easternmost.

Despite having lost all their properties in Cuba because of Castro´s government confiscations, the Rockefellers always had expressed their affections for Fidel Castro.

In August 1959, despite the confiscations, Nelson Rockefeller said in admiration: "I think Fidel Castro is doing a great job." Already, on December 24, 1958, Rockefeller had given toasts for Castro when he made a party at the Waldorf Astoria called "Fiesta Cubana" in which he express his hopes of a new government for Cuba [11].

The Rockefeller family is not only one of the rich and famous celebrities, but one of the most influential and powerful clans in the world. Perhaps, as we shall see, the most influential and powerful. Nothing that do or say any of the Rockefeller, can be taken lightly.

In fact, as we shall see in future entries, Rockefeller's affection for Castro goes beyond mere whim but is rather the result of a long relationship that involves the particular interests of the clan and the long term plans of the global financial elite.


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  3. Nobody should forget that Cuba is part of "The Treaty of Paris" signed on 1898. The treaty of Paris is in reality "The Treaty of God". It is an anthropologic voyage to the origin of the Natural Evolution Process. The "Sovereignty" of "The Real American Nation" is what is on stage and at stake. "God" is the hermaphroditic primitive man. To understand this you should read my written work entitled "The Real American Nation". Ask for it at Ernesto Dávila González...from Borinquen.

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  5. Castro's Cuba is a successful implementation of the Rockefellers' New World Order — which explains why David loved Castro so much.